Amazon Listing Strategies

Amazon Listing Strategies

Amazon Products

The US Amazon market place is the largest in the world. Finding the right product to sell, sourcing the product, and understanding the Amazon system can be very challenging. We can help with every step. If you want to customize products for your employees or to sell on your own website or in a retail space we can help with that too.

Finding  Amazon Products and Making Them your own.

After you decide on a product or product types, we can help brand and design them to be your own! Packaging design, product logo design, and Amazon listing graphics are all of great importance in your sales success.

Listing Products on Amazon.

A great deal of time and work goes into creating each Amazon listing. Finding the right categories to increase sales, setting the right price, promotions, and optimizing your listing is essential.

Amazon Strategies & Tips.

Once you have your product/s listed we can provide further tips to optimize or modify your listings based on sales volumes to increase sales and awareness. The right Amazon promotions are of great importance and understanding the Amazon yearly promotional calendar. We can guide you about upcoming sales events and how to prepare!


SEO Strategy

Small business websites have the potential to become much more than the equivalent of an online…

Responsive Websites

Creating an excellent website design in Oklahoma with relevant content and attractive images helps in grasping the attention of online users to help you grow business effectively.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce solutions can help your business sell online, 24/7. With the right solution in place your business can be run from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Amazon Listing Strategies

Directing Design, Inc. can help with Amazon product listing. From product and packaging design to the listing details, Amazon settings and advertising strategies.

Brand Strategy

Our branding strategies involve creation of attractive logo, unique web design, marketing materials and mail advertisement for efficacy.

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