6 Tips to Sell Your Brand

When starting a new company, there are few things as important as branding. A brand is a business’s promise to its customers and its identity to the world. People define a company by its brand. If someone starts a business, fails to properly brand it, and then markets that weak brand, the business can fall into obscurity. Marketing a new brand can be difficult, but it is essential for survival.

6 New Brand Marketing Tips

Because marketing a new brand is so critical, companies have established some tips and best practices to follow. Here are six of the best practices for branding and marketing.

  1. Define the brand. To properly start a new brand, a company needs to know what it wants. Owners must define their mission, service benefits and/or product features, customer base, and values associated with the brand, among other things. 
  2. Humanize the brand. One of the best ways to create an appealing brand is to personalize it. To do this, think of it as a person, and ask yourself: what drives him/her? What kind of personality does he/she have? How do you want him/her to interact with the world? How do you want customers to react to him/her? 
  3. Be consistent, not repetitive. It is essential that a brand always send the same message. If speed is important, keep speed important. If the logo looks a certain way and customers respond to it, don’t make a drastic change. On the other hand, repetition is boring and it is easy to get too comfortable. To market a brand successfully, a company has to find multiple ways to send the same message. 
  4. Be distinct. Never mimic another company’s successful brand. The only way people will come to recognize and to respect a brand is if it is unique and true to itself. Be creative when marketing a brand, not derivative. 
  5. Use one voice to communicate with customers. Remember, your brand is like a person. Companies should always use the same voice to communicate and to represent their brand. This applies to messages in images, social media, and anywhere else. 
  6. Develop a great logo. If a brand is a person, then the logo is its face. Just like a face, a logo will be the first thing people recognize visually about a brand. Develop a logo that is catchy, unique, and reflects the brand’s personality – then put it everywhere.

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