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We are an online marketing company. Simple!

Our aim is to increase your sales through engaging potential clients and driving your website traffic. We work with small businesses and ad agencies providing web and marketing solutions.

Foundation Strategy Results

Discovery & Direction

Your website is likely one of your largest marketing investments, but it's only useful if it's found. We are experts in creating a tailored online marketing strategy to boost your website traffic and overall business. We evaluate your business goals, products and services and tailor a unique strategy to catalyze your sales and success online.
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Creative & Online Marketing

We not only focus on creativity and visual appeal, but on accurately conveying a small business’ image and mission statement, as well. We utilize an updated content management system, allowing for total functionality and ease of use for our clients. All of our websites are responsive, meaning that they work optimally for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. With a professional and responsive website in place we move to develop an online marketing strategy that is a fit for your business needs.
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Reporting & Refining

Most avenues of online marketing provide data. With an online marketing strategy designed and implemented by us you can expect to see the results. Directing Design, inc. Will track all aspects of an online marketing campaign and our experts will meet with your staff monthly to report each success. The beauty of online marketing is that we can review and refine the strategy based on a monthly basis.
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An Online Marketing Company:

Directing Design, inc. Was born in early 2000, primarily, and appropriate for that time, as a small business web development company. Always an innovative thinker and one to stay ahead of the trends, owner, Michael Hutchinson, has continued to grow it as a company to build complete online success for its clients. Specializing in online marketing strategies which comprise of: SEO, social media management, content development, website development, professional branding and video production.


Excellence in Marketing Award

For the second year in a row, Directing Design, Inc. earned the Excellence in Marketing Award for Interactive & Mobile Web Campaign at the American Marketing Association Oklahoma City Chapter’s Marketini Awards Ceremony. The team was recognized for its tremendous success. Through a complete digital marketing strategy overhaul, Directing Design redesigned a website to convey the client's new marketing direction, make it more functional and responsive across multiple platforms, and tripled its website traffic.

Digital Footprint

What does your digital footprint look like?

Your digital footprint is every point of contact online for your company. Potential clients that search and find inaccurate information may be put off doing business with you.


We can help build a great digital footprint for your company. Trump your competition!
Start with a SNAPSHOT of your digital footprint. Learn about the accuracy of your online listings, reviews, social media presence and your web technologies.


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